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Security – WordPress is an inconceivably reputed content management system, speed up wordpress – – and with the popular and the way that it is open source comes some included security danger. WordPress isn’t exactly perfect and lacks security. To do this install the free WordPress plugin WP User Avatar. We’ll show you how to add a meta description in WordPress with and without a plugin.

When you look at Twenty Seventeen (and previous years as well) the theme is well coded and features are kept to a minimum which is a good indicator that even after you add content your theme shouldn’t be slowing down your page speed (just be mindful when adding plugins). Although one of the key differentiators that separates WordPress from other platforms is its wide array of plugins, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to install all the plugins that you see.

When choosing plugins, remember to focus on quality rather than quantity. This really if going to depend on the size of your plugins, if they’re compatible with one another, if there’s overlapping functionality and most importantly if they’re well coded plugins (just like themes, even if you’re installing a simple plugin for social links it can stall your site if it’s poorly coded). Some old functions may no longer be supported, so make sure to throughly test your website (theme & plugins included) after upgrading.

  1. Create your gift cards on the Gift Up site and embed the generated code on your website
  2. Manage your domains via cPanel or Plesk
  3. Do I need to create first 10 pages of the PDF and upload as separate file
  4. Copyright Text
  5. Select the “Menus” panel
  6. From the sidebar menu, select Settings -> Permalinks

But if you want to test another theme (or even test Total for yourself) just use the speed tests we linked to above to test the theme demos. If you want to add more customizations, consider adding your own CSS or using a well coded visual editor like Yellow Pencil. Besides speeding up the delivery of your content to your visitors, another of the benefits of using a CDN with WordPress is that it minimizes your latency since it reduces the distance between the server and the endpoint machine (compared to shared hosting or managed hosting services which only utilizes one server).

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